Why it’s a Fishing Mecca

It’s isolated: zero pressure from commercial fishing operators and virtually none from recreational anglers mean fish stocks around Groote are incredibly healthy.

Ideal breeding habitats: the archipelago’s fringing coral reefs, rocky headlands and sand islands create plenty of sheltered breeding areas for bait fish. This abundance of bait is what brings in the big sportfish anglers love to catch.

Every tropical species is here: sailfish, marlin, Spanish mackerel, huge GTs, mangrove Jacks, golden snapper, queenfish and the mighty barramundi are all residents here. And their families are enormous.

‘You could fish for three or four days out here and catch a marlin on the first day and a barramundi on the last day and every other species the tropics has to offer in between.’
Andrew Darby, head guide.

A unique tidal system: this nest of islands has a very different tidal system to the huge tides in Darwin. Here, tides are small—mostly under three metres—which means the water around the islands is crystal clear.

Mix of experiences in one spot: Groote Eylandt’s diverse marine habitats—tidal coastal creeks, mangrove-lined estuaries, coral reefs, sandy islands and kilometres of coastline—mean anglers can taste the Top End’s world-renowned fishing experiences in one spot in a few days.

‘Apart from a few overseas destinations, the Great Barrier Reef is probably the only other destination that offers an angling experience this good.’
Andrew Darby, head guide.

It’s hard not to catch a fish. Our guests are pretty well guaranteed an incredible fishing experience at Groote Eylandt, almost irrespective of weather. In the peak seasons, you could throw a spoon out and it would be annihilated. It really is that good.