Nick Darby, Guide

Being the son of his fish-mad dad, Nick Darby says he’s pretty well been fishing forever. ‘From about age four, with a stick and bit of fishing line in the Murray River.’

Nick was born and raised in South Australia and has followed Andrew fishing throughout Australia. ‘Pretty well anywhere Dad’s been, I haven’t been too far behind: throughout SA, the impoundments in NSW, parts of Queensland around Brisbane and the Gold Coast and most of the Territory’, he said.

He learnt the ropes as a deckhand over the years before studying for his coxswain licence and becoming Groote Eylandt Lodge’s second fully qualified fishing guide.

Nick says the best thing about Groote Eylandt is that there are not too many places in Australia like it. ‘There are just so many good fish out here, and the scenery and environment you’re fishing in is phenomenal’, he said.

‘Groote’s one of those places where you can catch a 30-pound mackerel and metre-plus queenfish. In other parts of Australia, you could fish for a whole year and not even remotely get anywhere near those numbers.’

Sharing the experience of fishing is Nick’s favourite part of his job.

‘The people you’re taking out are normally time poor or they’re not in a position to own the right gear to go out, so being able to share that experience and show them what it’s about—once in their life for some people—is so rewarding.’